Who is this guy?

Versatile all-round hi-tech entrepreneur, engineer, scientist, musician, innovative technology vision and determination, Jack of all trades, Amateur Hacker and Chuck Norris of ICT, with two decades of experience in cybersecurity and cloud technology.

Started my tech career at 12 years, build my first Pc with components around 14th, and by my 15th I start making money fixing building custom PC and repairing Laptops, PC, servers and developing websites. Ever since I stayed curious and sailed on the wave of modern technologies, with an unquenchable thirst for understanding everything, in depth, eventually I realized I became a technology generalist.

At my 23 I started my First company, a consulting ICT technology integrator, delivery projects for the top-higher firms and government in Mexico City and NYC, integrating solution for Enterprises networks, ITC infrastructure and cybersecurity. Over the past years, I have acquired a deep, full-stack expertise working side to side with the main ICT vendors in the market (Cisco, Fortinet, Bitdefender, Radware, Cylance, Aerohive, Peplink...), full-stack expertise in ITC and Business development making ICT architectures for large-scale, distributed systems and full scalable designs.

I become passionate about business and technology that lead me to move to NYC and lived in 4 different country’s developing Technology business, and technology architectures and procedures, formulating and implementing business development strategies, and adept at recruiting and leading effective technical and business teams.

Speaker in university’s and tech conferences, Innovator coach, and start-up mentor.

All my passion and energy to build smart city’s and connect all around us, help another startup to grow them and encourage people to become entrepreneurs and create a better world using technolgy.

Guitarist of a couple of rock and jazz band, passionate to become the best version of my self and engage the human excellence, travel addict, MMA Fighter and coffee lover.

Some of my hobbies include: playing and compose music, continue learning, healthy lifestyle, IoT, Hacking, Occult AND G philosophy, cars, motorcycles, Aerospace, meditate, particle physics and astrophysics, observe human behaviour, art, robotics, dogs, self-growth, beauty seeker I love to take risk, to feel the adrenaline.

Unique ability: To quickly learn new skills, adapt my self to any situation and assume mastery, navigate to novel situations and able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions, yes like the Fenix.

Today, I move from NYC to Estonia leverage my broad skill set as CEO & CTO of Opencluster.co,